Classroom Reveal

2016-08-14 15.01.25

The classroom environment is important to consider because it is the space to do our teaching and learning.  Classroom environment affects behavior (yours and your students’), gives students a sense of safety and well-being, and influences children (and adult) perceptions.

2016-08-14 15.21.44

After careful consideration, I decided to go with a red, white, and blue Americana theme as a nod to the 5th grade social studies curriculum, American history.  Having no windows was going to be hard for me (and possibly my students) so I blew my budget with fadeless bulletin board paper (find it here on Amazon) that I think brings a touch of the outdoors.  I also bought blue and red striped and polka dot border trim with solid colors as accents.

2016-08-14 15.01.12

I couldn’t resist a few green things, either.

You may recall that I was not originally in a good head space about my move (exile) to the portable classroom.  You can read about that here.  I was feeling overwhelmed when the email finally came from our principal that the cleaners had come through, maintenance work orders had been accomplished and classroom keys could be checked out.

2016-07-13 10.08.06
Sad face

2016-07-13 10.08.29

It was time to take a deep breath, embrace the mess and tackle the big pieces of furniture and boxes.

After a day or two of work, things were looking up.  I could begin to see how routines and procedures would happen.  Things were finding homes in new spaces.

2016-07-14 13.36.55

Slowly but surely, the boxes were unpacked.

2016-07-27 13.05.24

Here you can see the black student supply shelf (managed and operated by student helpers) and the fiction section of the class library in blue bins.  The library is also managed by the students.

2016-08-14 15.03.50

My horseshoe table is in the back corner of the room just waiting for small group lessons. Students will sit on the little stools to save room in the tight space.  The stools will double as seating choices around the room, too.

2016-07-27 13.05.34

I bribed former students with pizza to come help me hang bulletin boards and organize desks and books.  I love asking former students to help because they know where things go and it is a great chance to catch up.  Here you can see the non-fiction section of the library in the red bins and on the bottom halves of the wood shelves.  You can see the “Were You Absent?” bin where students go to pick up work when they return from an absence.  Three of my antique globes are seen here, too.  My students love to look at these and they spark amazing questions, especially the moon globe.

2016-07-27 13.05.49

This is my Mindset board (thank you, Pinterest).  I focus a lot on mindset early in the year as we set goals for what we wish to accomplish in 5th grade.  My students already love my Yoda impression that I trot out on day #1 as I share my life philosophy “Do or do not.  There is no try.” Our classroom stage is below this bulletin board.  We use the stage for book talks, presentations, and a flexible seating choice.

2016-07-27 13.06.20

This is a smaller bulletin board than I am used to.  I decided to use it for the items I change out daily or weekly.  There is the Word of the Week (I use it for a call and respond attention getter), Joke of the Day (just for giggles), Quotable Quote (for thinking and writing about), Geography Trivia of the Day (ties into my year-long geography unit), and Idiom of the Week.

2016-08-14 13.50.19


This is a display board I made near my desk.  My class is named after the Arizona Wildcats.  I don’t want to hear it, Sun Devils!  The color scheme works, ok?  You may have noticed the lamps.  My fabulous mother-in-law found them for me at World Market.  Lamps are not exactly legal at school, but with no windows in the portable, I’m looking for a solution to how to watch a video or take notes in a manner so that the students can easily see.  It is difficult to see the projector with the lights on, but it is pitch black when the lights are off.

2016-08-14 15.09.16
I have a few kids each year to prefer to work at least part of the time standing up.  They are going to love these standing desks.
2016-08-14 15.03.00
This new favorite area is desks minus legs with a fun carpet and wiggle cushions for students who prefer a lower seat but still want to wriggle and be comfy.

My Donor’s Choose Flexible seating grant (Check that out here) was funded and my new seating possibilities have just arrived.  They are great additions to the stability balls I’ve been using for three years.

2016-08-14 14.19.38
Thank you to my big helper
2016-08-14 14.19.25
and my little helper, too!

Even though this is a classroom reveal, it is really still a work in progress.  As my wonderful friend and NNSTOY sister, Monica, reminded me, you can’t ever really be finished with a classroom arrangement until you and the students live in it together for a while.







Movin’ On Out

I look around the familiar classroom, looking decidedly unfamiliar, empty of all the trappings of my life as a teacher.  Someone else’s boxes neatly line the walls.  My eyes well up a little as I lock the door of Room 256 for the last time.

2016-05-25 08.40.48.jpg

Even though this is already horribly maudlin, you have to rewind to three weeks prior to see the real water works.  That was when I was informed that myself and my fifth grade teammates were been moved out of the school building we’ve worked in for 11 years and into…(dun dun DUN) the portables.

Let me paint you a picture…when my former students found out I was moving to the portables, they raced into the building to regale me with tips on how to catch the scorpions and how to adjust the air just right or else suffer the freezing yet humid air of the windowless, low-ceilinged room.

Cue massive panic, a few tears and maybe a little temper tantrum.

You may think I’m taking this news little poorly.  At this point, I was.  People who’ve known me for years commented that they’d never seen me so worked up about things.  That is evidence of what this move means to me – environment is everything in my practice and the environment in the dark, dank portables is not exactly what I’m going for.  In addition, this move is providing me with weeks of work I was not planning on this summer.  Now, before any trolls out there start complaining about a teacher having their summer off, read my friend Monica’s blog here, my friend Anna’s blog here and follow #teachersummer.  I work 70-80 hours a week during the school year working 2 jobs so I can afford to teach and I’m a doctoral student so I feel like I’ve earned my 6 weeks (not 3 months) of rest, rejuvenation, and reflection.

As it turns out, cleaning and purging is cathartic.  I’ve spent 6 years in this room, so I suppose a deep clean and/or move was overdue.  And I really cleaned out, thanks to a well-meaning janitor who mistook my “giveaway” pile for my “trash” pile.  I know I’ve been lucky to even be the same room for 6 years.  As my daughter’s teacher told me (as she was expertly packing up her room to move) “I’ve moved 16 out of the last 17 years I’ve taught!”

With the space and refreshment of a family vacation, I’m ready to be positive about the move.  My exploration unit will feel more authentic because the titled portable floor feels like walking the deck of a ship in rough seas!  The crime scene tape used in my CSI: Boston Massacre lesson will look so much more authentic!   It’ll be so much roomier to enact the mock surrender at Yorktown outside on the field, mere steps away!

In all seriousness, I’m looking forward to reorganizing and redecorating my new-to-me, tiny portable.  Look for a classroom reveal from the new fifth grade fiefdom in the next month or so!