Beth’s Books

After 18 years of teaching, I’ve learned that the best way to spread my love of reading to my students is to have deep conversations about what they are reading.  So I must read what they read!  I model my love of reading by giving frequent Book Commercials (also called Book Talks or Book Blessings by some) to my classes of fifth graders.  And they give Book Commercials to their peers at least once a quarter.  We also have a daily read aloud (sometimes more!).  These techniques and rituals are integral to building a classroom culture of readers.  It is clear that reading is an expectation for all my fifth graders and it is helpful for me to have a large bank of knowledge of books so that I may direct students in need of assistance.

Truthfully, this practice is quite easy for me because I’ve been an avid reader all my life.  I love to read with my daughter and my students, but mostly, by myself.  I love all books, but especially realistic fiction, historical fiction and horror for adults or middle level readers, non-fiction “teacher” books, and biographies.

I’m beginning this section of my blog because I love to talk about books with other readers of all ages.  So I’ll be posting about the books I’m enjoying.  Please share and comment!

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