It’s Been A While

It’s been an entire year since I’ve blogged on this site.  It doesn’t seem possible, but then I reflect on how many things have changed since last May: a whole school year with the usual madness behind us, celebrating my 20th year in the classroom, a successful run of Disney’s  Frozen, Jr. with a cast and crew of over 135 kindergarten through twelfth graders, and, oh yeah, a global pandemic.  I’ll be posting a blog later this week with some big news but in case you missed these:

Here is one of my favorite blogs I’ve ever written, about the resurgence of arts during the pandemic and how that ties to ESSA funding.

Here is a blog I wrote for one of my favorite sites as a parent and teacher, Understood.  It is a goodbye letter to my students celebrating their achievements and growth, even during distance learning.

Here is a blog from Stories from School with reflections and learning from my 20 years as a classroom teacher.

If you want to see other blogs from Stories from School you may have missed, click here.


Stayed tuned for some big news ahead!

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