Teacher Appreciation Week and Blog Season

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!  We can truly appreciate teachers by paying us fairly, providing reasonable class sizes, allowing for well-paid support staff, etc. Please contact your lawmakers and post to social media with #FundOurSchools and #ThankATeacher.  If you’d like more Teacher Appreciation tips, check out this blog from Expect More Arizona.

I’ve had a number of other blog posts posted over the past few weeks.  ICYMI:

In Ed Week, a blog about my experience with Empatico and how using a compare/contrast sentence stem may change how my city is perceived.

On Educators for Higher Standards, a blog about my disappointment with the Arizona legislature’s $340 million mistake when offering a menu of assessments for Arizona’s students.

On Stories from School an update on the Arizona National Board Certified Teachers Network legislative initiative called Two Weeks of Action.  You can also hear legislative updates from ASBA’s Chris Kotterman and more about Two Weeks of Action on the 3 Peas in a Pod Podcast.

Happy reading and thank you to all my fabulous educator friends out there!

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