Stories from School blog post: I’m Listening

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect on my intentions from the beginning of the year.  ICYMI: I’m Listening on Stories from School blog.

From the blog: “One resolution came courtesy of listening to a lot of Hamilton this summer. As Aaron Burr advised Alexander Hamilton, I plan to “Talk less, smile more” this year. Not for the reasons that Burr would suggest, but to create a student-centered and student-driven classroom. My goal is to be present- physically and cognitively. Students are very much creatures of the moment and I want to meet them there. I plan to focus on my students, listen for misconceptions, and look for teachable moments. I want to get to know them better as individuals and enjoy them more.”

April update:

-Still working on Burr’s advice.  Being more present has been a challenge, but a challenge worth working toward every day.  It can be exhausting, living in the moment with sixty-something ten and eleven-year-olds every day.  But it is also very rewarding and helps me to see how precious little people are. I’ve got 5 more weeks with this group of fifth graders and I am not throwing away my shot (sorry).

-Still listening to Hamilton unless my family complains.

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